Posted by BB Fri, 24 Mar 2006 12:17:00 GMT


I'm pleased to annouce openRico 2.0 development has begun! I'm must warn you that the API's are flexible and may change in the future. However, dont worry, we wont break functionality unless theres a dam good reason for it!

As our apart of our commitment we will now be creating real world demonstrations for users. This way you can see how openRico could benefit you! This demonstration shows how css styling can be applied to the Accordion! Now its much more flexible than before - you have full control of the styling.

In case you missed it the Accordion is on the left!
Click 'Tag Cloud' and you'll see it in action!

Many thanks to John Serris's Phokus typo style which provides the css and styling for this demo!

More openRico updates soon! Ross Lawley

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