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This example demonstrates a pre-filled grid (no AJAX data fetches). LiveGrid Plus just provides scrolling, column resizing, and sorting capabilities. The first column sorts numerically, the others sort in text order. Use the panel to the left to change grid settings. Filtering is not supported on pre-filled grids.


Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6Column 7Column 8Column 9Column 10Column 11Column 12Column 13Column 14Column 15
1Cell 1:2Cell 1:3Cell 1:4Cell 1:5Cell 1:6Cell 1:7Cell 1:8Cell 1:9Cell 1:10Cell 1:11Cell 1:12Cell 1:13Cell 1:14Cell 1:15
2Cell 2:2Cell 2:3Cell 2:4Cell 2:5Cell 2:6Cell 2:7Cell 2:8Cell 2:9Cell 2:10Cell 2:11Cell 2:12Cell 2:13Cell 2:14Cell 2:15
3Cell 3:2Cell 3:3Cell 3:4Cell 3:5Cell 3:6Cell 3:7Cell 3:8Cell 3:9Cell 3:10Cell 3:11Cell 3:12Cell 3:13Cell 3:14Cell 3:15
4Cell 4:2Cell 4:3Cell 4:4Cell 4:5Cell 4:6Cell 4:7Cell 4:8Cell 4:9Cell 4:10Cell 4:11Cell 4:12Cell 4:13Cell 4:14Cell 4:15
5Cell 5:2Cell 5:3Cell 5:4Cell 5:5Cell 5:6Cell 5:7Cell 5:8Cell 5:9Cell 5:10Cell 5:11Cell 5:12Cell 5:13Cell 5:14Cell 5:15
6Cell 6:2Cell 6:3Cell 6:4Cell 6:5Cell 6:6Cell 6:7Cell 6:8Cell 6:9Cell 6:10Cell 6:11Cell 6:12Cell 6:13Cell 6:14Cell 6:15
7Cell 7:2Cell 7:3Cell 7:4Cell 7:5Cell 7:6Cell 7:7Cell 7:8Cell 7:9Cell 7:10Cell 7:11Cell 7:12Cell 7:13Cell 7:14Cell 7:15
8Cell 8:2Cell 8:3Cell 8:4Cell 8:5Cell 8:6Cell 8:7Cell 8:8Cell 8:9Cell 8:10Cell 8:11Cell 8:12Cell 8:13Cell 8:14Cell 8:15
9Cell 9:2Cell 9:3Cell 9:4Cell 9:5Cell 9:6Cell 9:7Cell 9:8Cell 9:9Cell 9:10Cell 9:11Cell 9:12Cell 9:13Cell 9:14Cell 9:15
10Cell 10:2Cell 10:3Cell 10:4Cell 10:5Cell 10:6Cell 10:7Cell 10:8Cell 10:9Cell 10:10Cell 10:11Cell 10:12Cell 10:13Cell 10:14Cell 10:15
11Cell 11:2Cell 11:3Cell 11:4Cell 11:5Cell 11:6Cell 11:7Cell 11:8Cell 11:9Cell 11:10Cell 11:11Cell 11:12Cell 11:13Cell 11:14Cell 11:15
12Cell 12:2Cell 12:3Cell 12:4Cell 12:5Cell 12:6Cell 12:7Cell 12:8Cell 12:9Cell 12:10Cell 12:11Cell 12:12Cell 12:13Cell 12:14Cell 12:15
13Cell 13:2Cell 13:3Cell 13:4Cell 13:5Cell 13:6Cell 13:7Cell 13:8Cell 13:9Cell 13:10Cell 13:11Cell 13:12Cell 13:13Cell 13:14Cell 13:15
14Cell 14:2Cell 14:3Cell 14:4Cell 14:5Cell 14:6Cell 14:7Cell 14:8Cell 14:9Cell 14:10Cell 14:11Cell 14:12Cell 14:13Cell 14:14Cell 14:15
15Cell 15:2Cell 15:3Cell 15:4Cell 15:5Cell 15:6Cell 15:7Cell 15:8Cell 15:9Cell 15:10Cell 15:11Cell 15:12Cell 15:13Cell 15:14Cell 15:15
16Cell 16:2Cell 16:3Cell 16:4Cell 16:5Cell 16:6Cell 16:7Cell 16:8Cell 16:9Cell 16:10Cell 16:11Cell 16:12Cell 16:13Cell 16:14Cell 16:15
17Cell 17:2Cell 17:3Cell 17:4Cell 17:5Cell 17:6Cell 17:7Cell 17:8Cell 17:9Cell 17:10Cell 17:11Cell 17:12Cell 17:13Cell 17:14Cell 17:15
18Cell 18:2Cell 18:3Cell 18:4Cell 18:5Cell 18:6Cell 18:7Cell 18:8Cell 18:9Cell 18:10Cell 18:11Cell 18:12Cell 18:13Cell 18:14Cell 18:15
19Cell 19:2Cell 19:3Cell 19:4Cell 19:5Cell 19:6Cell 19:7Cell 19:8Cell 19:9Cell 19:10Cell 19:11Cell 19:12Cell 19:13Cell 19:14Cell 19:15
20Cell 20:2Cell 20:3Cell 20:4Cell 20:5Cell 20:6Cell 20:7Cell 20:8Cell 20:9Cell 20:10Cell 20:11Cell 20:12Cell 20:13Cell 20:14Cell 20:15
21Cell 21:2Cell 21:3Cell 21:4Cell 21:5Cell 21:6Cell 21:7Cell 21:8Cell 21:9Cell 21:10Cell 21:11Cell 21:12Cell 21:13Cell 21:14Cell 21:15
22Cell 22:2Cell 22:3Cell 22:4Cell 22:5Cell 22:6Cell 22:7Cell 22:8Cell 22:9Cell 22:10Cell 22:11Cell 22:12Cell 22:13Cell 22:14Cell 22:15
23Cell 23:2Cell 23:3Cell 23:4Cell 23:5Cell 23:6Cell 23:7Cell 23:8Cell 23:9Cell 23:10Cell 23:11Cell 23:12Cell 23:13Cell 23:14Cell 23:15
24Cell 24:2Cell 24:3Cell 24:4Cell 24:5Cell 24:6Cell 24:7Cell 24:8Cell 24:9Cell 24:10Cell 24:11Cell 24:12Cell 24:13Cell 24:14Cell 24:15
25Cell 25:2Cell 25:3Cell 25:4Cell 25:5Cell 25:6Cell 25:7Cell 25:8Cell 25:9Cell 25:10Cell 25:11Cell 25:12Cell 25:13Cell 25:14Cell 25:15
26Cell 26:2Cell 26:3Cell 26:4Cell 26:5Cell 26:6Cell 26:7Cell 26:8Cell 26:9Cell 26:10Cell 26:11Cell 26:12Cell 26:13Cell 26:14Cell 26:15
27Cell 27:2Cell 27:3Cell 27:4Cell 27:5Cell 27:6Cell 27:7Cell 27:8Cell 27:9Cell 27:10Cell 27:11Cell 27:12Cell 27:13Cell 27:14Cell 27:15
28Cell 28:2Cell 28:3Cell 28:4Cell 28:5Cell 28:6Cell 28:7Cell 28:8Cell 28:9Cell 28:10Cell 28:11Cell 28:12Cell 28:13Cell 28:14Cell 28:15
29Cell 29:2Cell 29:3Cell 29:4Cell 29:5Cell 29:6Cell 29:7Cell 29:8Cell 29:9Cell 29:10Cell 29:11Cell 29:12Cell 29:13Cell 29:14Cell 29:15
30Cell 30:2Cell 30:3Cell 30:4Cell 30:5Cell 30:6Cell 30:7Cell 30:8Cell 30:9Cell 30:10Cell 30:11Cell 30:12Cell 30:13Cell 30:14Cell 30:15
31Cell 31:2Cell 31:3Cell 31:4Cell 31:5Cell 31:6Cell 31:7Cell 31:8Cell 31:9Cell 31:10Cell 31:11Cell 31:12Cell 31:13Cell 31:14Cell 31:15
32Cell 32:2Cell 32:3Cell 32:4Cell 32:5Cell 32:6Cell 32:7Cell 32:8Cell 32:9Cell 32:10Cell 32:11Cell 32:12Cell 32:13Cell 32:14Cell 32:15
33Cell 33:2Cell 33:3Cell 33:4Cell 33:5Cell 33:6Cell 33:7Cell 33:8Cell 33:9Cell 33:10Cell 33:11Cell 33:12Cell 33:13Cell 33:14Cell 33:15
34Cell 34:2Cell 34:3Cell 34:4Cell 34:5Cell 34:6Cell 34:7Cell 34:8Cell 34:9Cell 34:10Cell 34:11Cell 34:12Cell 34:13Cell 34:14Cell 34:15
35Cell 35:2Cell 35:3Cell 35:4Cell 35:5Cell 35:6Cell 35:7Cell 35:8Cell 35:9Cell 35:10Cell 35:11Cell 35:12Cell 35:13Cell 35:14Cell 35:15
36Cell 36:2Cell 36:3Cell 36:4Cell 36:5Cell 36:6Cell 36:7Cell 36:8Cell 36:9Cell 36:10Cell 36:11Cell 36:12Cell 36:13Cell 36:14Cell 36:15
37Cell 37:2Cell 37:3Cell 37:4Cell 37:5Cell 37:6Cell 37:7Cell 37:8Cell 37:9Cell 37:10Cell 37:11Cell 37:12Cell 37:13Cell 37:14Cell 37:15
38Cell 38:2Cell 38:3Cell 38:4Cell 38:5Cell 38:6Cell 38:7Cell 38:8Cell 38:9Cell 38:10Cell 38:11Cell 38:12Cell 38:13Cell 38:14Cell 38:15
39Cell 39:2Cell 39:3Cell 39:4Cell 39:5Cell 39:6Cell 39:7Cell 39:8Cell 39:9Cell 39:10Cell 39:11Cell 39:12Cell 39:13Cell 39:14Cell 39:15
40Cell 40:2Cell 40:3Cell 40:4Cell 40:5Cell 40:6Cell 40:7Cell 40:8Cell 40:9Cell 40:10Cell 40:11Cell 40:12Cell 40:13Cell 40:14Cell 40:15
41Cell 41:2Cell 41:3Cell 41:4Cell 41:5Cell 41:6Cell 41:7Cell 41:8Cell 41:9Cell 41:10Cell 41:11Cell 41:12Cell 41:13Cell 41:14Cell 41:15
42Cell 42:2Cell 42:3Cell 42:4Cell 42:5Cell 42:6Cell 42:7Cell 42:8Cell 42:9Cell 42:10Cell 42:11Cell 42:12Cell 42:13Cell 42:14Cell 42:15
43Cell 43:2Cell 43:3Cell 43:4Cell 43:5Cell 43:6Cell 43:7Cell 43:8Cell 43:9Cell 43:10Cell 43:11Cell 43:12Cell 43:13Cell 43:14Cell 43:15
44Cell 44:2Cell 44:3Cell 44:4Cell 44:5Cell 44:6Cell 44:7Cell 44:8Cell 44:9Cell 44:10Cell 44:11Cell 44:12Cell 44:13Cell 44:14Cell 44:15
45Cell 45:2Cell 45:3Cell 45:4Cell 45:5Cell 45:6Cell 45:7Cell 45:8Cell 45:9Cell 45:10Cell 45:11Cell 45:12Cell 45:13Cell 45:14Cell 45:15
46Cell 46:2Cell 46:3Cell 46:4Cell 46:5Cell 46:6Cell 46:7Cell 46:8Cell 46:9Cell 46:10Cell 46:11Cell 46:12Cell 46:13Cell 46:14Cell 46:15
47Cell 47:2Cell 47:3Cell 47:4Cell 47:5Cell 47:6Cell 47:7Cell 47:8Cell 47:9Cell 47:10Cell 47:11Cell 47:12Cell 47:13Cell 47:14Cell 47:15
48Cell 48:2Cell 48:3Cell 48:4Cell 48:5Cell 48:6Cell 48:7Cell 48:8Cell 48:9Cell 48:10Cell 48:11Cell 48:12Cell 48:13Cell 48:14Cell 48:15
49Cell 49:2Cell 49:3Cell 49:4Cell 49:5Cell 49:6Cell 49:7Cell 49:8Cell 49:9Cell 49:10Cell 49:11Cell 49:12Cell 49:13Cell 49:14Cell 49:15
50Cell 50:2Cell 50:3Cell 50:4Cell 50:5Cell 50:6Cell 50:7Cell 50:8Cell 50:9Cell 50:10Cell 50:11Cell 50:12Cell 50:13Cell 50:14Cell 50:15
51Cell 51:2Cell 51:3Cell 51:4Cell 51:5Cell 51:6Cell 51:7Cell 51:8Cell 51:9Cell 51:10Cell 51:11Cell 51:12Cell 51:13Cell 51:14Cell 51:15
52Cell 52:2Cell 52:3Cell 52:4Cell 52:5Cell 52:6Cell 52:7Cell 52:8Cell 52:9Cell 52:10Cell 52:11Cell 52:12Cell 52:13Cell 52:14Cell 52:15
53Cell 53:2Cell 53:3Cell 53:4Cell 53:5Cell 53:6Cell 53:7Cell 53:8Cell 53:9Cell 53:10Cell 53:11Cell 53:12Cell 53:13Cell 53:14Cell 53:15
54Cell 54:2Cell 54:3Cell 54:4Cell 54:5Cell 54:6Cell 54:7Cell 54:8Cell 54:9Cell 54:10Cell 54:11Cell 54:12Cell 54:13Cell 54:14Cell 54:15
55Cell 55:2Cell 55:3Cell 55:4Cell 55:5Cell 55:6Cell 55:7Cell 55:8Cell 55:9Cell 55:10Cell 55:11Cell 55:12Cell 55:13Cell 55:14Cell 55:15
56Cell 56:2Cell 56:3Cell 56:4Cell 56:5Cell 56:6Cell 56:7Cell 56:8Cell 56:9Cell 56:10Cell 56:11Cell 56:12Cell 56:13Cell 56:14Cell 56:15
57Cell 57:2Cell 57:3Cell 57:4Cell 57:5Cell 57:6Cell 57:7Cell 57:8Cell 57:9Cell 57:10Cell 57:11Cell 57:12Cell 57:13Cell 57:14Cell 57:15
58Cell 58:2Cell 58:3Cell 58:4Cell 58:5Cell 58:6Cell 58:7Cell 58:8Cell 58:9Cell 58:10Cell 58:11Cell 58:12Cell 58:13Cell 58:14Cell 58:15
59Cell 59:2Cell 59:3Cell 59:4Cell 59:5Cell 59:6Cell 59:7Cell 59:8Cell 59:9Cell 59:10Cell 59:11Cell 59:12Cell 59:13Cell 59:14Cell 59:15
60Cell 60:2Cell 60:3Cell 60:4Cell 60:5Cell 60:6Cell 60:7Cell 60:8Cell 60:9Cell 60:10Cell 60:11Cell 60:12Cell 60:13Cell 60:14Cell 60:15
61Cell 61:2Cell 61:3Cell 61:4Cell 61:5Cell 61:6Cell 61:7Cell 61:8Cell 61:9Cell 61:10Cell 61:11Cell 61:12Cell 61:13Cell 61:14Cell 61:15
62Cell 62:2Cell 62:3Cell 62:4Cell 62:5Cell 62:6Cell 62:7Cell 62:8Cell 62:9Cell 62:10Cell 62:11Cell 62:12Cell 62:13Cell 62:14Cell 62:15
63Cell 63:2Cell 63:3Cell 63:4Cell 63:5Cell 63:6Cell 63:7Cell 63:8Cell 63:9Cell 63:10Cell 63:11Cell 63:12Cell 63:13Cell 63:14Cell 63:15
64Cell 64:2Cell 64:3Cell 64:4Cell 64:5Cell 64:6Cell 64:7Cell 64:8Cell 64:9Cell 64:10Cell 64:11Cell 64:12Cell 64:13Cell 64:14Cell 64:15
65Cell 65:2Cell 65:3Cell 65:4Cell 65:5Cell 65:6Cell 65:7Cell 65:8Cell 65:9Cell 65:10Cell 65:11Cell 65:12Cell 65:13Cell 65:14Cell 65:15
66Cell 66:2Cell 66:3Cell 66:4Cell 66:5Cell 66:6Cell 66:7Cell 66:8Cell 66:9Cell 66:10Cell 66:11Cell 66:12Cell 66:13Cell 66:14Cell 66:15
67Cell 67:2Cell 67:3Cell 67:4Cell 67:5Cell 67:6Cell 67:7Cell 67:8Cell 67:9Cell 67:10Cell 67:11Cell 67:12Cell 67:13Cell 67:14Cell 67:15
68Cell 68:2Cell 68:3Cell 68:4Cell 68:5Cell 68:6Cell 68:7Cell 68:8Cell 68:9Cell 68:10Cell 68:11Cell 68:12Cell 68:13Cell 68:14Cell 68:15
69Cell 69:2Cell 69:3Cell 69:4Cell 69:5Cell 69:6Cell 69:7Cell 69:8Cell 69:9Cell 69:10Cell 69:11Cell 69:12Cell 69:13Cell 69:14Cell 69:15
70Cell 70:2Cell 70:3Cell 70:4Cell 70:5Cell 70:6Cell 70:7Cell 70:8Cell 70:9Cell 70:10Cell 70:11Cell 70:12Cell 70:13Cell 70:14Cell 70:15
71Cell 71:2Cell 71:3Cell 71:4Cell 71:5Cell 71:6Cell 71:7Cell 71:8Cell 71:9Cell 71:10Cell 71:11Cell 71:12Cell 71:13Cell 71:14Cell 71:15
72Cell 72:2Cell 72:3Cell 72:4Cell 72:5Cell 72:6Cell 72:7Cell 72:8Cell 72:9Cell 72:10Cell 72:11Cell 72:12Cell 72:13Cell 72:14Cell 72:15
73Cell 73:2Cell 73:3Cell 73:4Cell 73:5Cell 73:6Cell 73:7Cell 73:8Cell 73:9Cell 73:10Cell 73:11Cell 73:12Cell 73:13Cell 73:14Cell 73:15
74Cell 74:2Cell 74:3Cell 74:4Cell 74:5Cell 74:6Cell 74:7Cell 74:8Cell 74:9Cell 74:10Cell 74:11Cell 74:12Cell 74:13Cell 74:14Cell 74:15
75Cell 75:2Cell 75:3Cell 75:4Cell 75:5Cell 75:6Cell 75:7Cell 75:8Cell 75:9Cell 75:10Cell 75:11Cell 75:12Cell 75:13Cell 75:14Cell 75:15
76Cell 76:2Cell 76:3Cell 76:4Cell 76:5Cell 76:6Cell 76:7Cell 76:8Cell 76:9Cell 76:10Cell 76:11Cell 76:12Cell 76:13Cell 76:14Cell 76:15
77Cell 77:2Cell 77:3Cell 77:4Cell 77:5Cell 77:6Cell 77:7Cell 77:8Cell 77:9Cell 77:10Cell 77:11Cell 77:12Cell 77:13Cell 77:14Cell 77:15
78Cell 78:2Cell 78:3Cell 78:4Cell 78:5Cell 78:6Cell 78:7Cell 78:8Cell 78:9Cell 78:10Cell 78:11Cell 78:12Cell 78:13Cell 78:14Cell 78:15
79Cell 79:2Cell 79:3Cell 79:4Cell 79:5Cell 79:6Cell 79:7Cell 79:8Cell 79:9Cell 79:10Cell 79:11Cell 79:12Cell 79:13Cell 79:14Cell 79:15
80Cell 80:2Cell 80:3Cell 80:4Cell 80:5Cell 80:6Cell 80:7Cell 80:8Cell 80:9Cell 80:10Cell 80:11Cell 80:12Cell 80:13Cell 80:14Cell 80:15
81Cell 81:2Cell 81:3Cell 81:4Cell 81:5Cell 81:6Cell 81:7Cell 81:8Cell 81:9Cell 81:10Cell 81:11Cell 81:12Cell 81:13Cell 81:14Cell 81:15
82Cell 82:2Cell 82:3Cell 82:4Cell 82:5Cell 82:6Cell 82:7Cell 82:8Cell 82:9Cell 82:10Cell 82:11Cell 82:12Cell 82:13Cell 82:14Cell 82:15
83Cell 83:2Cell 83:3Cell 83:4Cell 83:5Cell 83:6Cell 83:7Cell 83:8Cell 83:9Cell 83:10Cell 83:11Cell 83:12Cell 83:13Cell 83:14Cell 83:15
84Cell 84:2Cell 84:3Cell 84:4Cell 84:5Cell 84:6Cell 84:7Cell 84:8Cell 84:9Cell 84:10Cell 84:11Cell 84:12Cell 84:13Cell 84:14Cell 84:15
85Cell 85:2Cell 85:3Cell 85:4Cell 85:5Cell 85:6Cell 85:7Cell 85:8Cell 85:9Cell 85:10Cell 85:11Cell 85:12Cell 85:13Cell 85:14Cell 85:15
86Cell 86:2Cell 86:3Cell 86:4Cell 86:5Cell 86:6Cell 86:7Cell 86:8Cell 86:9Cell 86:10Cell 86:11Cell 86:12Cell 86:13Cell 86:14Cell 86:15
87Cell 87:2Cell 87:3Cell 87:4Cell 87:5Cell 87:6Cell 87:7Cell 87:8Cell 87:9Cell 87:10Cell 87:11Cell 87:12Cell 87:13Cell 87:14Cell 87:15
88Cell 88:2Cell 88:3Cell 88:4Cell 88:5Cell 88:6Cell 88:7Cell 88:8Cell 88:9Cell 88:10Cell 88:11Cell 88:12Cell 88:13Cell 88:14Cell 88:15
89Cell 89:2Cell 89:3Cell 89:4Cell 89:5Cell 89:6Cell 89:7Cell 89:8Cell 89:9Cell 89:10Cell 89:11Cell 89:12Cell 89:13Cell 89:14Cell 89:15
90Cell 90:2Cell 90:3Cell 90:4Cell 90:5Cell 90:6Cell 90:7Cell 90:8Cell 90:9Cell 90:10Cell 90:11Cell 90:12Cell 90:13Cell 90:14Cell 90:15
91Cell 91:2Cell 91:3Cell 91:4Cell 91:5Cell 91:6Cell 91:7Cell 91:8Cell 91:9Cell 91:10Cell 91:11Cell 91:12Cell 91:13Cell 91:14Cell 91:15
92Cell 92:2Cell 92:3Cell 92:4Cell 92:5Cell 92:6Cell 92:7Cell 92:8Cell 92:9Cell 92:10Cell 92:11Cell 92:12Cell 92:13Cell 92:14Cell 92:15
93Cell 93:2Cell 93:3Cell 93:4Cell 93:5Cell 93:6Cell 93:7Cell 93:8Cell 93:9Cell 93:10Cell 93:11Cell 93:12Cell 93:13Cell 93:14Cell 93:15
94Cell 94:2Cell 94:3Cell 94:4Cell 94:5Cell 94:6Cell 94:7Cell 94:8Cell 94:9Cell 94:10Cell 94:11Cell 94:12Cell 94:13Cell 94:14Cell 94:15
95Cell 95:2Cell 95:3Cell 95:4Cell 95:5Cell 95:6Cell 95:7Cell 95:8Cell 95:9Cell 95:10Cell 95:11Cell 95:12Cell 95:13Cell 95:14Cell 95:15
96Cell 96:2Cell 96:3Cell 96:4Cell 96:5Cell 96:6Cell 96:7Cell 96:8Cell 96:9Cell 96:10Cell 96:11Cell 96:12Cell 96:13Cell 96:14Cell 96:15
97Cell 97:2Cell 97:3Cell 97:4Cell 97:5Cell 97:6Cell 97:7Cell 97:8Cell 97:9Cell 97:10Cell 97:11Cell 97:12Cell 97:13Cell 97:14Cell 97:15
98Cell 98:2Cell 98:3Cell 98:4Cell 98:5Cell 98:6Cell 98:7Cell 98:8Cell 98:9Cell 98:10Cell 98:11Cell 98:12Cell 98:13Cell 98:14Cell 98:15
99Cell 99:2Cell 99:3Cell 99:4Cell 99:5Cell 99:6Cell 99:7Cell 99:8Cell 99:9Cell 99:10Cell 99:11Cell 99:12Cell 99:13Cell 99:14Cell 99:15
100Cell 100:2Cell 100:3Cell 100:4Cell 100:5Cell 100:6Cell 100:7Cell 100:8Cell 100:9Cell 100:10Cell 100:11Cell 100:12Cell 100:13Cell 100:14Cell 100:15
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